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About MMTR

Here at MMTR, we strive to always provide the best treatment available and are constantly seeking new and innovative solutions to our patients’ problems. As such, our clinic stands on the following 3 pillars:


Perspective can be everything when it comes to finding the right treatment for a condition. It all depends on from what vantage point you look at things. From our perspective, finding and treating the underlying cause of a condition is key to treatment.


When it comes to treatment, taking the easy way out can be tempting. However, here at MMTR we believe that using the right tool for the right job is imperative to completing the project successfully. In fact, we’re so committed to using the right tools that we have developed some tools of our very own, such as MyoWorx® and the TM20 Device.


Our results speak for themselves. 72% of our patients are referred by physicians  or come to us by word-of-mouth from existing patients.


Our mission is to provide exceptional physiotherapy treatment to achieve lasting results for patients so they can live a functional, pain-free life.

Our Core Values

The following core values of MMTR Physiotherapy represent our passionate beliefs and are what drive our company to provide the utmost compassionate and quality care for our patients:

1. Address causes – not symptoms

Our approach is to consider the various systems of the body and how they may interact to produce symptoms. This allows us to determine and treat underlying causes of symptoms so they will not reoccur.

2. Provide active, exercise-based treatment

An essential piece of your recovery involves an active program of targeted stretching and strengthening exercises. They are designed so that you can easily complete the program independently at home, work or wherever you go.

3. Empowering patients

We believe in educating our patients so that they understand the underlying cause of their symptoms and are able to manage or alleviate them independently.

4. Continuous learning and advancing knowledge

At MMTR Physiotherapy, we strive to equip ourselves with the tools essential to providing our patients with the very best rehabilitation outcomes.

5. Collaborative team approach

MMTR Physiotherapy values the collective power of a team approach to effectively deliver all aspects of patient care.

6. Research

Our unique approach has been established out of scientific research and we continually test and support our clinical applications with ongoing research.

7. Industry-leading results

The resultant outcome of our combined core values drives us to provide all of our patients with industry-leading results.