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Welcome to MMTR Physiotherapy

Moving Physiotherapy Forward

Concussion expert Terry Moore discusses how re-establishing flexibility and movement in the neck actually helps to prevent further concussions as well as relieve post concussion symptoms.

Well Trained Professionals

Licensed professionals trained and certified in applying Moore’s MyoWorx® Approach.

Thousands of Satisfied Patients

Take a look at our clinical data on our results for numerous conditions and symptoms.

Our Unique Circle of Reference

We have a circle of reference and research advisory group that we call upon to vet our findings.


What differentiates MMTR Physiotherapy from other Physiotherapy clinics?
Does the MyoWorx® TM20 Treatment hurt?
Isn't the TM20 the same as other equipment that any physiotherapist uses?
If I am pregnant or have a heart condition, will I be able to receive the MyoWorx® TM20 device?